JML Strategies, LLC, offers the following services to assist you in securing your future:

      Message Development

      Political & Strategic Communications Execution

      Social Media Presence

      Database Management

      Strategic, Confidential Counsel

      Image crafting

      Branding strategy

      Target audience/demographics

      Campaign Management

      Developing and Implementing the Overall Strategic Plan for your Campaign (Op/Eds, Press Releases and Letters to the Editor)

      Unearned Communications Plans (Paid Electronic and Print Media)

      Direct Mail

      Professional Phone Calls, Email and Web Site Presence

      Absentee Ballot Programs

      Early Voting

      Grassroots and Volunter Management Plans (Door to Door,
      Volunteer Activities)

      Professional Campaign Commercials

"I have known both Michael and Jill Leach since early 2004 when Michael and I both worked in the Bush Administration.  In the years that followed, both Michael and Jill became close confidants, not only personally, but professionally as well.  As I sought elected office in Oklahoma, Michael and Jill were a very integral part of my campaign. Michael's public affairs direction, communications experience, and political vision combined with Jill's operational support, data collection, organizational and logistical support abilities, JML Strategies played a crucial role in securing my electoral victory.  I will continue to use JML Strategies both personally and as a representative in future campaigns."

- Rep. Mike Sanders, Assistant Majority Whip, District 59,
Oklahoma House of Representatives.